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Hello lovelies,


So if you didn’t know already next month marks my new start back in Aberdeen. I’m super super excited and can’t wait to just move and get settled into my new place (which is the cutest flat ever). That being said I have so many things I’ll need to do once I move…


Find a New Hairdresser – this is a big thing. Who a girl trusts with her hair is important. I’ve had the same hairdresser for about 3 years now in Glasgow. I love our girly chats and I trust her completely with my hair. We’ve been through a lot together… from Ginger Shonz to Red head and also the just plain Brunette. I’m deffo going to miss her.

Find a New Beauty Therapist – this is the same rules as above. When I studied beauty therapy my BIGGEST fear was always waxing someones brows. I mean eyebrows can make or break your face! And who you trust to fix your brows is major. I finally found a girl who could fix my HD brows exactly how I needed them and now I’ll have to start the search all over again!

New Gym –  okay this one might be pretty easy. As much as I love my current gym as it had everything from Spin to Yoga classes. I’m not too fussy when it comes to which gym is for me. The main thing I’m looking for is, is it close to my flat or on the way to or from work, that way motivating myself to get there will be easier.

New Local Takeaways – haha this one sounds like I’m a lazy wee pig. But honestly hangover food or just a Friday night treat. I’ve stayed in the same flat over 3 and a half years and I know exactly which Chinese or Chippy to order from. So the search for my new ones will be on… after the health kick that is!


Now for the boring ones…. new GP, new dentist, change bank details, change address on everythang!! It’s going to be a crazy couple of weeks of organisation when I finally do arrive back in Aberdeen, but honestly bring it to me! 2019 is definitely the year for me and growth and all the good stuff. I’m so ready for it!


What would be your biggest fear about moving city?


Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo


7 thoughts on “| Lifestyle | New City, New Everything…

  1. Omg you cracked me up that you included a hairdresser, a beauty therapist, a gym, and takeaways first! But they’re soooo truuuue!!! I want to see your new flat as well!! All the luck with the new start love xxx


  2. So many things to consider! My partner and I are moving from Australia to the UK in May and I’m so nervous about all these little things!


  3. There is such a long to-do list when it comes to moving to an entirely new place! And honestly, I couldn’t find a replacement for someone to do my brows. So whenever I’m in my old city (once every few months), I go to her then! Lol. But I’m sure within no time you’ll have everything sorted out, and find new favorites. Good luck, and thanks for sharing!


  4. Good luck on your new journey! I recently just moved to a new city and didn’t even realize I’m behind on my to do list as far as finding new doctors and an eyebrow tech I can trust! I’ve never been a regular at any hair dresser so finding a new one in this town with curly hair would just be the funniest thing.
    Anyway, great read girl! Good luck!
    xo BC


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