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Hello loves,

After a massive break from blogging, basically lasting from just before lockdown up until now, I’ve decided to put a little love and care back into my blog. There were lots of contributing factors to the lack of posts, but I think mainly living in Groundhog day is the biggie. I mean how can you get the motivation or even any ideas on what to post when you’re repeating similar days/ not having too many exciting events through the year to look forward to and write about. That being said, although 2020 has been a shitter, there have been a few fun things happening…

I’ve had the chance to temporarily move back home to the Outer Hebrides. I can’t think of a better place to be while the world is all going through this craziness. Its been so nice to spend a lot of time with family and keep my normal work routine while on WFH – without work I think I would have lost my sanity.

Ya gal turned 26. I feel like we have all mutually agreed to pause our age since the year has been an absolute write off. But also I was super relieved that lockdown had eased in time for me to move home before my bday so I could enjoy it with family.

I have taken up running (for the zillionth attempt) and actually enjoying it ! I’ve joined the crowd and downloaded couch to 5K which is the only thing to have worked so far on my route to becoming “a running gal”. It definitely helps that my after work loop has a gorgeous view of the sea. Also makes things less boring that I’m running on Machair with plenty ups and downs rather than a flat route.

We had a new wee family member join us this week. My younger sister collected her 8 week old cockapoo puppy Miley who is settling in so well. Even if she does like to wind up our 2 year old Malador…

Anyways, its good to be back and I’m hoping more consistent with posting…

Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo

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