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Hello lovelies,

Loooong time no post! I took a couple of months blog detox and finally am feeling motivated enough to get back into the game. That being said, I’m taking the easy option and easing myself back in with a wee date night outfit guide. Perfect timing for Galentine or Valentine Date Nights soooo, very much black and red themed…..















Whats your go to date night outfit?


Until Next Time

Shona Marie xo



5 thoughts on “| Lifestyle | Valentine/ Galentine Date Night Outfits…

  1. Wow I like the sheer spotty blouse with the bralette underneath that is lovely, and I love red it’s my favorite colour to wear. I’d say my ideal date night outfit is a light dress so I can eat as much as I want and not feel uncomfortable! It’s actually a huge thing for me, otherwise I don’t feel comfortable generally in myself.


  2. Love the jewellery, black cami and spotty blouse! I’d usually wear a dress but I have a feeling the husband and I won’t be doing anything too jazzy this year so skinny jeans and a nice top will be perfect!


  3. Love the jewelry and definitely that black pookadot blouse! That is soooo pretty! something I’d definitely wear for a date night! Great ideas 🙂 🙂


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