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Hello Lovelies,

So before I get into this post I just want to mention that the lashes Lia and I are wearing were *GIFTED*, I will have a separate review post up for them soon.

A couple weekends ago I made my regular trip through to Edinburgh to catch up with my main gals. This was actually super exciting because we decided to try out THE CAULDRON (the inner Harry Potter nerd in me was dying). If you haven’t heard of it, its essentially a mixology class with the added magic experience. There are bars in Edinburgh, Dublin, London and New York! If this sounds up your street keep reading…

When you first arrive at the Cauldron you are welcomed by a “Potions Teacher” who gives you a choice of wand. There are four to choose from. No shock, since I’m a Slytherin I went for the more evil wand choice.


Once you’ve settled at your Potions bench and popped on your robe it is time for your welcome drink! We were shown to the top of the room where there are 3 magical beast heads on the wall. Each supply a different welcome drink, from beer to a gin cocktail. Obviously to get this drink you need your wand and a little bit of Magic.

Once you are ready to make your first Potion/ Cocktail, you summon a potions teacher by waving a wand in the air (I always felt slightly rude doing this, I think its my background working in pubs/ restaurants and having people click to get your attention etc – grinds my gears).

Each potion comes with instructions to follow so you really cannot go wrong…

I don’t want to spoil all the magical surprises so I wont go into detail on the potion making!

But it definitely is worth a visit. Even if you’re not a fan of Harry Potter it is something different to try!

Once you’ve made your two potions there is a cocktail menu with loooots of magical cocktails to choose from. They all have their own exciting quirks. We were having a chilled night so opted for a couple shots and headed home (for food obv).

I would 100% recommend this as an alternative night out. So much fun and just a totally unique cocktail making experience. So if you have plans to hit up the Capital anytime soon, seriously look into incorporating this into your visit.

What is your favourite Harry Potter Film?

Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo