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Hello Loves,


So I’m just back in Abz after a fun filled weekend in the capital. Basically plenty of food, plenty of booze and plenty of laughs…so all wins. Alsoooo a trip into the city for Saturday brunch, is there a better way to start your day??! Don’t think so. Anyways, if you wanna hear about our Brunch spot of choice keep reading.

Urban Angel



Urban Angel is a small cafe/bistro on Hanover Street in central Edinburgh. It serves up breakfast and lunch for sit in or takeaways.



We were actually super lucky timing wise as on the weekend you cannot book a table. When we arrived we were told we could have a table in 15 mins. Which was totally fine by us…




After a quick run across the road to check out Molton Brown’s New Eau de Parfum bottles and scents. We arrived back at Urban Angel to be shown to our seats.




I’m not going to lie, I’m one of those people who has pretty much mapped out what they are going to order the day before. But there are so many fab choices that I was still torn between a couple options.




I decided to be sensible and go for a smoothie (I had been eyeing up the mimosas) and the Raw chocolate deffo caught my eye as a chocoholic.

It’s made up from Cacao, almond milk, banana, dates, vanilla and cacao nibs.




And the girls went for a simple tea and cappuccino. Almond and oat milk are also available here as milk alternatives.




Now onto the main event. I finally at the very last minute decided I was going down the route of Eggs Benedict. I had this with bacon and added on Black pudding.




There are also so many variants of toasted sourdough and extras. So really you can pick and choose any options you are feeling.




Honestly this for me was a perfect brunch spot. And the food quality was great! I would definitely head back in a second.



Where is your fave Brunch spot?


Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo

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