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Hello loves,

So currently in my life, for the foreseeable anyways, I have decided to avoid boys and stick with drinking plenty water and eating veggies cause they will deffo not cause me wrinkles and grey hairs. That being said I have found the absolute gals night out venue in the Deen.

The Spiritualist

So I actually headed here for the first time back in June for a Wine Wednesday. Originally I met the girls in All Bar One which is also a suuuper cute bar but at about 5 to 9 we realised we needed to sprint up the road to The Spiritualist as they were showing Love Island (soz major addiction at the time).

The decor is an actual dream. I’m all for the snazzy ceiling decor, the white marble tables and all the flowers doted around the place.

Also who doesn’t love an Instagramable night out. I’m pretty sure anyone who been to The Spiritualist has had their pik taken on the SpiritOfAberdeen horse.

And another fab thing about the bar is this cute ladies bathroom set up. All the toiletry essentials needed for a freshen up which is ideal – especially if you’ve just sprinted up Union Street, in heels.

The staff were also v nice and helpful which always makes your night so much more enjoyable.

What is your ideal Gals Night?

Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo

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