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Hello Beauties,

SO at the start of July, the night before I headed off home for a fortnight, I was lucky enough to start my holiday with a trip along to the Body Shops Summer Event! Who can say no to a wee pamper night and hearing about all the latest products with prosecco in hand?!



One of my main take away’s from the night is the Body Shops new Return – Recycle – Repeat Scheme. Basically, you can take back your empty & clean cosmetic packaging to participating stores ( Bon Accord Centre, Aberdeen is one ) and pop it into the Recycling bin. It doesn’t even have to be old Body Shop products. Why not help save the planet as you treat yourself to skincare goodies!



I also had a nosy at the new Matte Lip Butters. Currently these come in 6 shades, ranging from a selection of nudes to my now favourite and go-to Red. These are actually perfect for day wear. The fact they are a butter means they are moisturising on your lips and wont dry them out throughout the day. I also adore this red as it has blue undertones, which means whiter looking teeth. Perfect.


While I was in the shop I did treat myself to a few little things, the Pink Grapefruit Eau De Toilette is a current favourite of mine. If I didn’t have this scent to spritz about my bathroom my flat would totally not feel the same. I also picked up a couple sheet masks as I had to get up at 5am the next morning to travel and my tired skin would need a massive pick me up. So for this reason the Vitamin C mask was my winner, I love the glow it gives your skin.




What are your favourite Body Shop products?


Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo

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