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Hello Loves,

I’ve decided to do a new little blog series. a monthly round up of things I’ve been up to and things I’ve been loving. So having said that, welcome to Mays Edition…

What Have I Been Watching

So this months obsessions consisted of binge watching Jane the Virgin (why am I so late to this party, I am addicted) , watching Ru Paul Drag Races final and starting to watch a new drama series on BBC called Years and Years.

Film wise this past month I watched a Netflix Original called The Perfection, if you enjoyed Get Out or Us you NEED to watch this. It takes the same style with the whole horror twist theme and I loved it – it had me shook! I also went to the cinema to watch Avengers Endgame… and I cried, a lot.



What Have I Been Up To

At the start of May I made the looong 16 hour journey from Abz to my childhood home in The Outer Hebrides. I decided to take a long weekend and surprise my family, and boy was it difficult to keep it quiet! I had the best time. And also celebrated my Grand Aunts 70th while there.

I also took a trip to Brewdog as they had a Eurovision event on. I mean drinks and the Eurovision on a big screen is my secret dream. I had such a laugh, and ended the night on a high because ya gal here guessed the closest winners order and received a £50 bar tab. Years of watching Eurovision has done me well. Even beating the couple who shared our table and had been to 3 actual Euro Song Contest Finals!

Last weekend was a super busy one for me. I was invited along by TECA to their private screening of Rocketman. I couldn’t turn this opportunity down as I was dying to see the film. We were greeted with the cutest little gift bags… which also included a can of Edinburgh Gin, cannot complain! I also had my Auntie visiting ABZ so plenty wine was had and food. I also paid my first visit to MOZA Aberdeen, Potato on Pizza was tried for the first and last time haha!


What have I been Reading

I am currently reading Chessmen by Peter May. I would have finished this long ago but as it is on my kindle and not a hardback… I struggle. I seriously prefer to hold a book and not be staring at a wee screen.


Blog Posts –

Brightongirlproblems.co.uk – You never get over heartbreak you just learn to live with it

Thelipstickdaily.com -Why I do not want children

Charlottelahaines.wordpress.com – When in Amsterdam

Riocorbett.wordpress.com – Oh dam Amsterdam


What have I been listening to

So quick warning, I am a walking Stereotype of a Teuchter. Especially when it comes to my music taste…

Skipinnish had a new ablum come out in May – Steer by the Stars. I have been playing this on repeat! It has some old songs that I love even more this time round such as Farewell and Thar Sail (which was released in English first time round, but there is something more beautiful in listening to the Gaelic Version).

I have also been seriously loving Elephant Sessions new release What Makes You. I have a soft spot for music that highly features the violin. I feel like if anyone else grew up playing a musical instrument they understand the biased for your own instrument…

Goals for June/ what I’m excited for

So I’m ending this post looking to next month….

First up I am crazy excited to say on Saturday my bestie and I fly to Amsterdam for a girly long weekend annnnnd Maroon 5, Adam Levine we are coming for ya.

I’m also looking forward to the return of Love Island (do not come for me – trash TV is my secret love)

Annnd I HOPE June is the month I wake up for those 5am runs before work… but let me get back to you on that one! The chances are low.



What have you been loving in MAY?

Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo


5 thoughts on “| Lifestyle |Belle Chic May Edit

  1. Great post! I love writing a similar roundup of the month. It really helps me reflect; I should also consider adding upcoming goals! Also, Jane the Virgin is my all time favorite show. I feel like it just gets better and better with every episode. Thanks for sharing all about your busy month!


  2. This is such a great idea! I love reflecting on how things are going and what I have been enjoying. I think it is an integral part of productively and emotionally moving forward. I still need to watch the new episodes of Jane the Virgin, I love it!


  3. May was a great month for you! Enjoyed reading your highlights for the month and what you are expecting for June. Will be following these series!

    I should consider doing a monthly goals post. So I can hold myself accountable + see my progress and the things I have accomplished.

    Thank you!



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