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Hello loves,

So a couple weekends ago Eurovision was back on our screens. And I am an absolute nerd for it every year! Which lead to my sister and I’s usual chat about if a certain country wins, we NEED to go the next year. Its on the bucket list!

So that got me thinking about everything else on my bucket list, and I’ve decided if I blog it, its an official list that I need to work my way through… Slowly. No time limit…

SO in no order what-so-ever, I give you my CURRENT (still to be added to) Bucket List



Own My own House… With a Garden


Do The Ben Kenneth Hill Race (This is a 900ft hill race that takes Place back home the first Sunday in August each year).

Go to the Eurovision Song Contest Final

Travel round Italy

Visit New York City in Winter

Safari In Kenya

Bathe in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

Cycle the Hebridean Way

Hike up Ben Nevis

Zagreb Christmas Market

Do a Colour Run


Write a Book (whether it turns out 10 pages or 1000…)

Do the NC500

Visit Santorini

Finish a Half Marathon


See a theatre show in London

Visit Lake Ohrid



Drive In Movie

Learn a Musical Instrument

Move Away from home

Be Happy In a Career/ Promotion

Travel to America

First Munro

Sing at a Karaoke

Annnd I’m going to add a couple on the end here cause I know in two weeks they will be ticket off the list… (is that cheating haha)

Visit Amsterdam/Girls Trip

See Maroon 5 Live

Have you got a Bucket List? If so whats on it??

Until Next Time,Shona Marie xo

11 thoughts on “| Lifestyle | My Bucket List

  1. This is a great bucket list! Safari in Kenya is amazing and I’m glad it’s on your list – I haven’t got round to reviewing it yet but I’d recommend doing it in Tsavo, and there’s some really good tours there near Voy. There’s also amazing accommodation with a bar overlooking a waterhole, so you have elephants etc walking past while you’re drinking your pint!


  2. To own a house with a garden has always been a dream for me, as well. I like to picture myself staying a lot on the lawn with a blanket and a book. and it would be a little windy. and I could smell the roses. 😀

    Glaiza | glimmerofhappiness.wordpress.com


  3. Hello!
    Your post making me to think about what I want to do 🤔
    I like the idea of Italy, I have been there last year. This year maybe next stop will be Algarve! I have posted about Algarve and when I wrote about it, I felt in love. So, I have this in my mind.
    Great Post!



  4. I love this! Such a cool variety of things! Having a house with a garden was always on my list and now I’ve achieved it it’s the best thing ever, nothing beats sitting outside your own home in the summer



  5. Honestly love bucket lists. I find it so interesting to read what is on other people’s lists. I’ve thought about writing my own for a while and tucking it away but haven’t gotten round to it yet. Visiting Amsterdam and Lisbon is definitely on my bucket list though

    Xx jessicabeeblogs.com xX


  6. A few of these are on my bucket list too! I would love to visit Italy & Santorini as well as Japan & France! I also want to visit a drive in theater & luckily there’s 1 only 30 minutes away!
    After I finish my master’s next year, I want to find a career that I love & I eventually want to own a house!

    Tales of Belle


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