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Hellos loves,

Before I properly get into this post I just want to make it clear that these lashes were GIFTED but it deffo does not change my personal opinion which I’m about to share. Also if you know me, you know my go to lashes for nights out are Eylure…

Anyways on with the post. So recently I was super lucky enough to be gifted with THREE sets of Eylure lashes to try out. And the best part being they all catered for a totally different look, from the natural to the night out lashes.


So the three sets of lashes I received are the No 116 No 117 and No 031. This is a mix of Naturals, Lengthening and Texture lashes. Pretty ideal for all occasions.


The Naturals No 031 are perfect for everyday wear or just to pop a light lash on for a casual event or dinner.


The Lengthening No 116 lashes remind me of a pair I’ve previously bought from MAC. They are nice and spaced out with lots of added length. I’m still to test them but I actually think these would be ideal to use as a double up lash on top of any other pair for added drama and length.


And now on to the final pair and my favourites. The No 117’s. I had a flat warming night out on Saturday so this was the perfect opportunity to try out a set of lashes. And the 117’s were screaming to be tested….



Now time for the creepy up close eye pics so you can get a proper feel for the lashes and how they look on…






And I thought I would just fire in a pic here of my whole look for my flat warming on Saturday…. So you can see why I picked No 117 for the night.




Keep an eye out for a full post on this outfit and makeup look.
Overall I would say a complete lash success. Why not head over and check out some lashes for yourself here


What are your go to lashes?

Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo

11 thoughts on “| Beauty | Eylure Lashes – AD| GIFTED

  1. Great post! These lashes are an amazing fit for you. I really needed to see this review, because I literally never wear lashes and I probably should. I did for my wedding, but that’s about it! This is a great bit of information and motivation. Thanks for sharing!


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