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Hey hey beauties,

So it’s officially weekend number two back in Aberdeen and I’m slowly getting there with my wee flat. Its getting cosier by the day and I couldn’t be happier.

The only room I have completely finished and made my own is the kitchen. So I thought I would do a quick little post on ALL the copper pieces I’ve picked up to give the kitchen the Shonz effect.

Firstly when it came to buying the essentials such as a kettle, microwave and toaster I had the big decision of which colour route I was going to go down. As soon as I saw this cute little copper bundle from Wilkos I knew it had to be mine and that my kitchen would follow this theme.





I also picked a set of Geo Trivets up from Next for a tenner. So practical and you cannot complain at that pricetag!




The other weekend when I was wondering around TKMaxx I found this white and rose gold knife set which I didn’t even know I needed in my life until I saw it. Perfectly fitting into my kitchen.





Even my drying rack for dishes matches the theme….



I also picked up a big copper bin from Amazon… which sits just outside the kitchen as its a teeny kitchen for one.




And a Utensils Holder also from amazon…




And here is for the not so copper part of my kitchen. My cleaning products. This weekend I picked up a cute little metal basket from ASDA to keep my cleaning pieces all nice and tidy under the kitchen sink…






I still have a few things I’m hoping to get soon for my kitchen before I’m 100% happy but for the time being I absolutely love my wee kitchen.


What theme did you go with for kitchen inspo?


Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo

20 thoughts on “| Lifestyle | Crazy for Copper

  1. I love the matching appliances and the other little accessories really finish it off! You’ve definitely found some lovelyyyy bits for your kitchen!

    – Sasha // changingthesails.com


  2. I love the theme of the kitchen. Copper looks so beautiful, it reminds me of rose gold 🤔. For my kitchen I’ll do a rose gold theme. Do they have a rose gold microwave, 😆? I wouldn’t be the less bit surprised if amazon has it. I love looking at decor, awesome pictures.


  3. I love how coordinated your kitchen and house is with all the copper. I don’t have any copper pieces in my home actually, but at least I’m starting to get things to match color wise haha. Thanks for sharing!


  4. I never thought about having a theme for a kitchen or matching appliances. To most I’ve seen my mom do is make sure the colors are similar. So our fridge matches our stove and microwave. Anyways I love the way it looks so far and I hope I’ll be able to see the full layout in a next post.


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