| Flab to Fab| February 2019 Update

Hello my loves,

Long time no fitness update! If I’m honest the reason for that being is I hit a massive blip in fitness after my Holiday to Cyprus last October. With that and my move back to Aberdeen I just lacked the time and motivation to get back into my routine. And I had a fab routine! For someone who is far from a morning person I was managing to get up at 5:30am three times a week, meet my gym pal, work out for an hour get ready and then we both would make the 30 minute walk to work. On top of this I had my weekly spin class (absolute cardio blaster – I’ll never recommend another spin class as much Seb Shorts) Yoga and Pilates.

Honestly until last year I hardly stepped foot into a gym. It just wasn’t for me. But with the Holiday bode motivation I was really doing this. And it became a big part of me, my mental health got better and just my all round wellness and mood improved.



Now fast forward a few months out of routine and I’m really noticing the difference lack of gym is having on me. And not just my weight, but my skin and energy.


I’m currently just waiting for my move in a couple of weeks to set the date that I hit the gym again and get back to routine. And this year I plan on tracking it better in my blog and maybe mixing up my posts from a little bit of meal prep to my gym plans.




So that being said, bring on March and Belle Chic’s return to the gym life….

What is your favourite Gym Class?

Until Next Time,

Shona Marie xo

5 thoughts on “| Flab to Fab| February 2019 Update

  1. Just a thought, if you were doing so great, then you don’t need to wait to start. You should just get started. If you can’t go back to the gym right now, then you should start with some light walking in the outdoors. Don’t let a few weeks off keep you from getting started right now. Keep going strong for yourself. Just start, don’t wait. Sending lots of love and encouragement your way Raheela


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