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Hello Beauties,


This is a small corner of my blog where I can vent about the trials and tribulations of being Single In the City!!



Sooo I’ve been single for over half a year and I’m not going to lie, I bloody love it! But that being said I’ve still attempted put myself out there enough to experience the awkwardness of first dates again… (Let the ground eat me)

This time round I’m being picky AF. Mainly because I deserve to be. And I wont settle for less than I deserve!

I learnt a lot in the last few years of what I should and shouldn’t put up with.

I’m also not 100% sure of what I’m looking for in a guy but, basically someone on my level who can have a laugh – surely not too hard to find. Wrong.

So to vent on the weird dates of this year (and let me tell you I’ve had a few) I’m going to go back to one I had in about April time…

I’m going to call guy number 1 Tinder Tony –


SO Tinder Tony seemed all fine, great night, met for 8pm drinks got home at 4am. Clearly we must have got on well??


Nooo. Basically he did three of the biggest no-nos in my opinion. And the thing is all of this really didn’t hit me until the next week when we started to plan our next “date”.


I’ll start with the worse thing. He tells me about the last girl he went on a date with and how she was “obese” . Seriously?! My response was your obese and my obese are probably a different thing. I’m sure she was fine… Later he repeats she wasn’t chubby she was obese. Right pal, strike one.

Also I was aware going on the date there was a pretty big age gap. Me being 23 and him 29. But hadn’t overly thought into it until Tinder Tony decided to comment that he feels like a creep. Okay… I hadn’t thought of that. But the fact you’ve said you feel like one, now makes me feel like you are one…. Strike two Tony.

Anyways strike 3 isn’t too bad. Call me super fussy but weird vibes….

Head to a new bar. He goes to the loo and I’m at the bar getting us drinks. Next minute he appears crouched beside me and goes imagine if I showed up this height, what would you do. Mate, along with calling yourself a creep you’re giving me the weirdest creeped out feeling. You looked hot before now you just look weird… I’m out.


I’m going to be honest and say I took the wimps way out by texting him a week later explaining how we didn’t suit and then BLOCKED.


I would say things can only get better, but hold on for the next installment of Single In the City as Dr Boarding School was much worse…


Until next time,

Shona Marie xo


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27 thoughts on “| Lifestyle | Single In the City The Beginning

  1. Hahaha I love this! He may have been 29 but sounded 19. I went on a date once that made fun of a girl eating by herself. She had a few plates in front of her and he called her a cow and made more snide remarks. Like in whos right might thought that was a good idea?! Glad you dodged that bullet.

    Cheers xx

    Rachel | http://www.myspottedblog.com


  2. Welcome to being single in the city. I am single in a smaller city and like it. I just hide in my room on weekends. I don’t like going out and being social.


  3. He sounds very weird. Any guy putting down other people is a big no no for me – it’s just rude and uncalled for. I mean, why do they think that it’s ok to do that?


  4. I can’t wait to read more of these posts! I don’t blame you that you gave Tinder Tony a miss he sounds a little weird to me! I’m sure you’ll find the right person eventually!
    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com


  5. Whaaaat no, you can’t end it on a cliffhanger! I want to know about Dr Boarding School hahahaha!
    Honestly though, I love how real this post was. Gosh Tinder Tony sounds like such a creep!


  6. Oh my! Tinder Tony sounds like a Tinder Tool. Yikes. I don’t miss dating at all – I don’t even want to think about if I have to do again one day. However, being single in the city in my early 20s was an amazing time. Can’t wait to hear more stories! Thanks for sharing your adventure!


  7. Crying laughing at Tinder Tony! There are some good guys out there they are just well hidden lol. I’m yet to find one too sadly. Can’t wait for the next installment!
    Hayley x


  8. Fun post. I’m single and just starting to entertain dating again so I look forward to more installments of single in the city.


  9. Well I just found my new favorite blog! Girl it’s tough out there in those dating streets. I hope you meet a good guy though. Less Tinder Tony’s and more Mr Right🙌🏾 You got this girl. Have fun, enjoy it and don’t settle for anything less than happiness.


  10. Oh gosh this gave me a good giggle, cannot wait for the next post aha.

    You have the right attitude to the whole dating and relationship game for sure!

    Stephanie xox
    The LDN Gal


  11. What an adventure single life must be! Keep on being picky – sounds like there are some real ‘creeps’ out there 🙂


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