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Happy Saturday! Hope you all have a great weekend ahead of you. My current situation is an oversized mug of coffee and MIC catch up.

This post became much longer than expected so grab  a cuppa, sit back and relax..


September already! Honestly I always say this but the year has flown in, it’s been the quickest and busiest year of my life! So I’ve decided to do a quick little September round-up of what I’ve been up to the past few months.

Mainly for my own benefit cause it’s cute to look back on.

I just have to say looking back on my year it has easily become one of the best years I have had! And there is still so much still to come…

So back at the start of the year I realised I had hit an all time worst with my weight gain. For me, someone who had never strayed over 10 stone but now was sitting far far above that I knew I had to fix this, I wasn’t comfy anymore, I didn’t feel like myself and on top of that it just wasn’t a healthy way for me to be.

So I hit the gym big time. And long story short -2stone later = super happy & healthy Shonz. You can read more about that here.


Also back in May I bagged my first ever Munro. This isn’t even something I thought I would love. But it’s such a great feeling when you reach the summit. That along with a fab group of people makes for such a fun day out. So now I’m going to start marking them off one by one, today Ben Lomond and next year I’ve decided Ben Nevis will be bagged.


Another fab thing about this year is that for the first time since moving away from Aberdeen I have seen my best friends every month! And that is some achievement as I live in Glasgow, one is still in Aberdeen and the other is in Edinburgh. These girls are my absolute rocks! I’m so so proud of the year we have all had cause I honesty believe 2018 is our year. In the words of the great Carrie Bradshaw:

Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates & guys are just people to have fun with


The biggest event of this year in my family life has got to be the fact my older sister got married!! It was such a fab day from start to end. Nothing can beat an Island wedding. My two other sisters and I were bridesmaids and my niece was the most beautiful flower girl ever! Complete with a tiara that I picked up for her as she’s such a wee Princess.


My family also got a new puppy! Maisie, she is a mix of a Labrador and an Alaskan Malamute. And as of last week my uncle and his fiancée have also got a puppy! Her name is Breagha (Brea-ah) which is Gaelic for beautiful. And she seriously is!




I also headed home for HebCelt this year. It is without a doubt one of the best music festivals out there. I hadn’t been in 4 years so it was long overdue to head back. And what a year to do it! The best line up ever. I had the most fun dancing about like an idiot, chucking on the glitter and eating/ drinking plenty!



Now for my most recent and adult news this year…

A couple of weeks ago I decided why not book a mortgage advisor meeting, see where I’m at in the process of getting on the property ladder, find out how much I can actually borrow, all the important stuff. Anyways I went into my meeting last Saturday morning with zero expectations and hoping they would say I was correct in the price of property I was looking at. And I left my meeting on cloud 9! Basically what I had assumed was a high-end mortgage for me is actually the low-end and I can afford much higher! And even then the mortgage repayments are lower than my rent!

So with my deposit all saved I’m currently saving towards essential household appliances and furniture and thinking about properly looking in the new year to buy! Such a scary but exciting process.

So that’s been my busy year with so so much still to look forward to even this month alone!! On Monday I’m taking a trip to the theatre to see An Officer and a Gentleman. I cannot wait the theatre is a great love of mine! In a couple of weekends my gals and I have Jason Derulos concert and on the last day of the month I fly off to Cyprus for a week!

All of this contributing to a very busy but very happy Shona.

Yesterday at work I was told by two people that they are so so happy with how fab my year has been and that I’ve become such a strong and happy independent person. It’s one thing to think this yourself but when other people confirm your own feelings it’s such a mood lifter!

What has been your biggest achievements this year?

Until next time,

Shona Marie xo

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