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So a little bit more of a personal post this week, I’ve decided to talk about my previous form of contraception Vs my current…




After almost two years of using the implant I’m still thinking back to my lack of research  before choosing to go down this route. I know everyone has their own opinions on Nexplanton but for me, this was definitely not the right form of contraception. At all!! And I’ll tell you why…

So back in January 2016 I decided, as I was in a long term relationship that the implant being a 3 year long form of contraception would be ideal. I had previously been on “the pill” Rigevidon to be precise (now back to this). Always having to remember when to take it (thank you phone alarm) and planning ahead if I would be out and about to pack it with me. So I thought a more semi permanent solution would be perfect for me. One that I can just forget about and relax knowing I’m covered. Sounds all great, right??

It’s not. For me anyways. For the following reasons:

– moody af. And I mean more moody than normal. The first couple weeks being the absolute worst. My hormones were all over the place. One minute I would be laughing the next snapping off someone’s head or in tears.

– the periods. They say that after a year on the implant your periods can stop. This would be the dream! Did it happen for me? No. In fact they were definitely a lot worse. I had months where I was on my period more than off it. I’m not even kidding. They could be so irregular. And unlike the pill you don’t actually know when to expect your TOM.

– the weird paranoia of the implant being bent in your arm. Nope, this actually cannot happen. But the fear is real. Also when someone accidentally squishes it I would get the boke.

– did I mention the mood swings and the Periods?! I cannot explain enough how bad they both were.




I’ve read a few other horror stories of people’s personal experiences using Nexplaton. And to be fair I have read a few positive ones too. But for me, I won’t be using this ever again.

Don’t ask me why it took me two years to decide to get it removed. Because honestly I should have done it way earlier.

I won’t lie, the removal wasn’t bad at all. I had worked myself up into a hot sweat. Not that it helped that my appointment was 30 minutes late. So I had 30 mins sat alone in a waiting room over thinking. And just 5 minutes before I went in, I overheard two woman chatting about the last persons implant removal being such a struggle they had to numb the area again and again to keep attempting to take the implant out… boke! Btw they didn’t get it out…


Anyways all this led me back to my usual Rigevidon. And yes my hormones went back to being weird from I would say Implant removal in November to maybe March time. But I’m finally back to normal Shonz, 95% less moody, normal periods once a month that don’t feel as if my insides are being ripped out and yeah all round better. I do know there are cons to this form of contraception, but really which form is all round positive?? If you know of any do share.




Have you had any bad experiences with a form of contraception?


Until next time,

Shona Marie xo


6 thoughts on “| Lifestyle | Contraception ~ Nexplanton VS Rigevidon

  1. Great post! My wife had the nexplanon and didn’t have too many bad side effects. Now that it’s removed, she’s having a hard time getting pregnant or having normal cycles, which is kinda scary. I’m glad people like you share about the pros and cons. Hopefully will help with others being more informed. Take care


  2. I personally would not go to contraceptive pills because it’s so easy to forget to take them, plus they made me into a moody bitch. In terms of the implant, my ‘periods’ have been long and irregular but at least I feel like i’m protected 🙂 Thanks for sharing your experience. Laura / https://laustworld.blogspot.com/


  3. I myself have never been on “the pill” because my mom is allergic to them and other hormonal things. So i didnt want to try and take the risk. But I did on the other hand try a hormonal spiral. And its been heaven for me. It costed me 10 dollars and its been in for 3 years. I havent had a period in almost that long too XD Its been a bliss 😀

    Hope you luck in your new pill 🙂


  4. Thank you so much for opening up about this! I’ve been on the pill for almost ten years now, without ever really looking into alternatives or questioning if it was doing me any good (or harm, more importantly). I’ve made the decision to stop taking it and had thought about the implant as an alternative, but I don’t think that’s the way to go either reading your post. I think the best option might be to look into other contraceptives that don’t require piling hormones into my system. My moods are always awful, so I’m really interested to see if no hormones makes a difference!

    Also, I cracked up when you send someone squishing the implant gave you the boke! When you’re talking to an audience outside of Glasgow you cannae really say “gee me” can you?! haha!


  5. I was only on the implant for 10 months because my body didn’t react well to it at all, but I’ve been on the pill since then and everything is perfect.

    I think it’s so important for us to share our experiences to give other women an insight on how some forms of contraception work, compared to others.


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