| Flab to Fab | May Update

Hello Hello long time no update…

I’ve had a crazy, yet unexpected start to this year.

So my blog has ended up neglected. And as this series of Flab to Fab was suppose to track my fitness journey I thought it best to be the first part of my blog to update and let everyone know how things are going.

So this past month I’ve really thrown myself into a proper fitness routine. It wasn’t even planned its just ended up that I now have different fitness classes Monday-Thursday.  I tend to have a lazy weekend as they are all fully booked atm, but with four gym days and an okay diet I think this is deserved haha!

I’ve currently managed to get my weight down by almost two stone! Mainly in the last month. And the best part about it is not feeling like I’m trying to loose weight, it’s all just fun!



I was super super pleased when my gym had a class timetable revamp as I’ve been wanting to try both Pilates and Yoga for ages. And I kept looking into classes in Glasgow but never taking the plunge to go. And as of April my gym now offers these classes! So ideal!! So that is my Monday and Tuesday nights after work taken up.

Thursday nights are for Spin class. A girl I work with also goes along to these so we have a  nice walk after work to the gym together to catch up on her stories of her previous week with her PT! They are hilarious! He is also the spin instructor and actually wild. Squats on a bike after already being 30 mins in… no problem! Haha.

Last weeks spin class with a replacement instructor felt like a breeze in comparison to the normal class…

My Wednesdays are now taken up by a new hobby of mine. Which bruises me like an absolute peach…Pole Fitness. I’ve wanted to try this for ageees! But I’ve never had the guts to turn up to a class as a newbie alone. Lucky one of my friends decided to come along with me, although it doesn’t help that she’s 5″10 and slim and I’m 5″4 and chunky…

I also completed my first ever Munro the first weekend in May! Which is deffo a step in the right direction for me as this time last year if you asked me to go on a hike I would have laughed! Unfortunately the weather was not the best. But the feeling of accomplishment at the top was fab!






Do you have a fitness routine or any classes you love to attended weekly?


Shona Marie xo

13 thoughts on “| Flab to Fab | May Update

  1. You look fab! Great going on sticking with a fitness routine. I used to go to Pilates and Zumba at the local gym, but I have stopped going and tend to do my own thing at home, or going out for walks. It also helps that we had a step challenge going in May at work, which really increased my level of fitness. Now to Keep it up!
    Looking forward to seeing your future fitness posts!

    Aimsy xoxo


  2. Wow you look amazing! I need to get myself back into a fitness routine as I used to love going to classes especially Body Pump but I don’t go to the gym anymore and I’m struggling to get out and run in this heat! Keep doing what you’re doing girl it’s fab!

    Jess // foundationsandfairytales.wordpress.com

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    1. Thank you lovely! 🙂 Ooh Body Pump is such a killer, but a good one! I went to one class and thought this is too much haha! The weather is so off putting haha.

      Shona Marie xo


      1. I liked that with body pump you can choose how much weight is on your bar so you choose how difficult it is! I need to go to another class soon!x


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