| Six By Nico | The Forest

Last month Ciaran and I decided to treat ourselves to a Sunday date night and as usual head to our current favourite restaurant… Six By Nico.

I’m a bit late in getting round to posting this! By the time my post is live they will no longer be serving this theme, but I thought why not share it anyways!

As per the food and service was fab!

So without further ado let me introduce you to the last Six By Nico theme…




Bramble Royale

Prosecco | Creme de Mure



Celeriac Pannacotta

Forager Salad | Red Cabbage Gazpacho



Smoked Pheasant Terrine

Rainbow Carrot | Granola Crumbs | Wild Berry Gel



Foraged Wild Mushroom

Parisienne Gnocchi | Parmesan & Truffle Royale



Rainbow Trout

Wild Sorrel | Toasted Hazelnut | Swiss Chard



Venison Haunch

Beetroot Sauerkraut | Burnt Onion Jus | Blackberries



Trio Of Apple

Pain Perdu | Cinnamon Chantilly | Brioche Parfait




So far out of all our visits this Menu is definitely my absolute favourite. I am the fussiest eater and as much as I’ve loved all the menus so far, there has always been just that one dish that has worried me. But not this time! Everything was just divine.

I also need to mention a special thanks to the girl a couple tables along from us for providing me with the fish course picture as I had completely forgotten to snap my pic! Strangely enough she  had approached me near the end of my meal to ask if I had a picture of a certain course to send her as she missed out that one, and later in the evening as I flicked through my pictures my “new friend” became handy! You couldn’t write it, the odds were random.

Next up in the Six By Nico Series is…


How exciting! I pray the music in the restaurant is to match! Because it sounds the dream!

Although this theme is timed perfectly for my other half and I’s 3rd year anniversary celebrations I am unsure if we will be making the trip. With the Festive Season approaching and schedules being jam packed, also my lack of love for the menu (not theme) its food for thought at the moment. We will just have to wait and see…

What Is Your Favourite Restaurant In Glasgow?


Shona Marie xo

8 thoughts on “| Six By Nico | The Forest

  1. OMG that place looks fantastic! Look at that food! so so yummy! You’re making me super hungry! My fav restaurant in glasgow is paesano pizza! xx corinne

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s seriously worth a visit! Just so so fab!! Hahah!

      Ooh great choice. I love a paesano!! I’m not convinced on their wine choices though hah. But the pizza makes it all worth it.

      Shona Marie xo


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