| Lifestyle | ASOS ~ Gymwear Picks £30 And Under!

Long time no post! The past few weeks have been unbelievably busy for me, working full-time, finding the time to study my course and fit in a social life. I’ve had a super hectic diary! This weekend I’m looking forward to getting back to normality and not over stretching myself!

This morning I’ve been scrolling through gym wear as I’m currently on day 5 of my latest health kick and have finally convinced myself to rejoin the gym after a 6 month + hiatus…

So I’ve thrown together a wee run down of my current favourite Gymwear items from ASOS, and it just so happens, they are ALL £30 and under! Fab!


| Bershka Sports Bra With Cross Back Detail | £17.99



| Nike Training Flex 2 In 1 Shorts | £30




| Reebok Training Strappy Tank In White | £22




| Nike Training Hypercool Tank Top | £30




| Esprit Oversized Gym Top | £19




| New Look Snake Print Gym Leggings | £17.99





I’m sure a few of the above will be making their way into my gym drawer in the near future, after all it is pay day in a few days.


What are your tips on keeping motivated during a health kick?


Shona Marie xo


Item Links:















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7 thoughts on “| Lifestyle | ASOS ~ Gymwear Picks £30 And Under!

  1. One of the best ways to keep myself motivated in fitness is to have nice fitness gear so I loved this post! The tank tops you’ve included look super comfy so I’ll need to go and check them out,
    Zara xx


  2. I love looking at new gym items, so this post is my kind of heaven! It kind of gives me motivation to get to the gym and show off the new items I have bought for it.
    It’s often the only motivation I have to go to the gym though, haha! Especially as it’s coming up to winter now too, I feel like you need extra motivation to get you out of the house when its dark and cold outside.
    Carly xx


  3. I’ve just re-joined the gym myself and have been really getting into workout gear. I almost wish I could wear it all the time! I’m loving really statement print leggings so that’s what I’ve been looking out for. Have to say I didn’t realise New Look did workout wear so I’ll definitely be having a look on their website!


  4. I love this post! I’m starting personal training sessions when I’ve had my baby and will definitely be looking to purchase some of these itema. I love the grey sports bra! Looks super comfy! Thankyou 😊 for sharing xx


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