| Travel | South Uist ~ Outer Hebrides…

My first piece in my travel collection. How exciting!! I thought I would start with one close to my heart. So where else, but my childhood home.



I was super fortunate to grow up in a beautiful, friendly, safe and small Island on the edge of Scotland, way up in the North West. It is not the easiest of places to get to, in fact you are probably cheaper to fly away somewhere nice and hot for the weekend than I am to fly back home. Heartbreaking.

I’m not being biased when I say this, but I honestly believe that if you are a fan of Scotland and all the natural beauty it contains a trip through the Western Isles is a must! I managed within the first year of being with my boyfriend to take him a tour of each island contained in the Western Isles bar one. But this will be rectified in next summers visit home!!

Island life is a completely different way of living than most are used to. Its very slow paced and stress free. But it definitely is something special!












And there you have it! Only a small seletion of pictures from the gorgeous Island I call home…


Have you ever visited a Scottish Island? Or are there any you plan to visit in future?


Shona Marie xo





16 thoughts on “| Travel | South Uist ~ Outer Hebrides…

  1. I would love t travel to Scotland. I am terrified of flying though. However it is ontop of the bucket list. Your photos are gorgeous. Hah who knows i may show up and not want to leave.

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  2. Wow! It looks so beautiful and tranquil! ❀ I've only been to Scotland once before and it was so foggy the whole time I was there, that I missed out on seeing all the scenery! I think I'll definitely have to go back! ❀ xx


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