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MAC is a major love of mine! If I could walk in and out with a new lipstick each week, I happily would!! Ugh can you imagine it!




My love began back in the Christmas of 2012 when one of my best friends gifted me with my very first MAC lippy. It was Lush Life from the mineral rich collection, and yes, I have repurchased it! This is my one and only mineral rich lipstick in my collection, only because I prefer a Matte lip but these are perfect for when you’re just needing that bit of hydration and can’t cope with a full on matte.



In my MAC collection I currently have 9 lipsticks. I know, not a lot for a self confessed addict. But this is due to many facts; one being some haven’t quite survived to the dreaded bag check after a boozy night out, another being the rule of binning lipsticks after 2 years (anyone actually do this? Doubtful), or just the fact that I’m currently going through a phase of being ridiculously tight with my money ~ the joys of saving for my first home!

And here we have it, the anticipated wait…




| Lush Life | Mineral Rich |




| Heroine | Matte |




| REBEL | Satin |





| All Fired Up | Matte |



| Twig | Matte |




| Up The Amp | Amplified Creme |



| Ruby Woo | Retro Matte |




| Stone | Matte |



| Tropic Tonic | Matte |



And there you have it! My current babies…

There are so many classics missing from this collection. I would love to add Velvet Teddy, Whirl and Honey Love into the mix. But for now I think I’m happy with my little nine.

I would love to hear which MAC lipsticks are your current faves?

Shona Marie xo


43 thoughts on “| Beauty | MAC Collection…

  1. I’ve never actually bought anything from mac before, but I’ve heard great things about their lipsticks. I think I’ll have to pick one up some time, great post x

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    1. They are a bit pricey for a lipstick. Worth it though! Haha, love an eyeshadow palette!! They are definetly something you can’t have too many of!!

      Shona Marie xo


    1. Aww the Fleur de Force one looks fab! I’ve not bought a MAC lipstick since the end of last year and when that came out I was like should I??

      Hate money saving… such a struggle

      Shona Marie xo

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